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This Agreement was last revised on 01 March, 2024.

Understanding Your Commitment and Our Promise

Embarking on the JOB Guaranteed Package journey with PSC is a significant step towards achieving your career goals. This comprehensive solution is designed to navigate you to your dream job within 5 months. To ensure clarity and mutual understanding, here are the key rules and guidelines governing our agreement:

  • Package Completion Criteria:
    • The package concludes upon receiving a job offer, completing 4 different interviews, or 7 pre-screening calls within the package period.
    • A full refund is available if these conditions aren’t met by the end of the package. However, meeting any of these criteria means you’re not eligible for a refund, and PSC may conclude the package.
  • Certification and Course Completion:
    • Adherence to recommended certifications or courses schedule is mandatory. Delays beyond 3 days may forfeit your right to a full refund. Course completion is verified through your LinkedIn account.
  • Recruiter Response and Document Provision:
    • Failure to respond to recruiters or provide necessary documents within two business days counts as an interview conducted, reducing your entitled interview count by one.
  • Definition of an Interview:
    • An interview is a direct interaction with a company’s representative to assess your suitability for a role. Initial contacts for information or interview scheduling are not counted as interviews but as a  pre-screening call.
  • Communication Protocol:
    • All job applications and recruiter communications must be conducted through the email or LinkedIn profile set up by PSC.
  • Responsiveness to PSC Team:
    • You are required to respond within 48 hours to any communication from the PSC team. Failure to do so may reduce your entitled interview count by one.
  • Honesty in Communication:
    • Truthfulness in all responses related to the job search is crucial. Providing false information may lead to the termination of your package without entitlements.
  • Networking Strategy Compliance:
    • You must follow all prescribed networking strategies. Deviations or failures to comply may forfeit your refund rights and potentially cancel the package.
  • Cheat Sheet Call:
    • You can request a cheat sheet call for advice on excelling in internships and securing full-time positions.
  • Access to Job Application Reports:
    • You have the right to access reports detailing job applications made on your behalf.
  • Email and LinkedIn Access:
    • Access is granted to the email and LinkedIn profile used for job applications.
  • Application and Outreach Requirements:
    • A minimum of 400 job applications per month is guaranteed, with outreach to at least one recruiter per application.
  • Communication Management:
    • PSC manages all job application and recruiter communications, except when specific client information is required.
  • Notification Obligation:
    • Prompt notification to PSC upon receiving calls, interview requests, or job offers is essential. Failure to communicate these developments may lead to package termination without a refund.
  • Breach of Rules:
    • Breaching any two rules within the package period gives PSC the right to terminate the service without a refund.


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