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Understanding Your Commitment and Our Promise

Embarking on the JOB Guaranteed Package journey with PSC is a significant step towards achieving your career goals. This comprehensive solution is designed to navigate you to your dream job within 5 months. To ensure clarity and mutual understanding, here are the key rules and guidelines governing our agreement:

Package Completion Criteria

  • The package concludes upon receiving a job offer, completing 4 different interviews, or 7 pre-screening calls within the package period.
  • A full refund is available if these conditions aren’t met by the end of the package. However, meeting any of these criteria means you’re not eligible for a refund, and PSC may conclude the package.

Certification and Course Completion

  • Adherence to recommended certifications or courses schedule is mandatory. Delays beyond 3 days may forfeit your right to a full refund. Course completion is verified through your LinkedIn account.

Recruiter Response and Document Provision

  • Failure to respond to recruiters or provide necessary documents within two business days counts as an interview conducted, reducing your entitled interview count by one.

Definition of an Interview

  • An interview is a direct interaction with a company’s representative to assess your suitability for a role. Initial contacts for information or interview scheduling are not counted as interviews but as a  pre-screening call.

Communication Protocol

  • All job applications and recruiter communications must be conducted through the email or LinkedIn profile set up by PSC.

Responsiveness to PSC Team

  • You are required to respond within 48 hours to any communication from the PSC team. Failure to do so may reduce your entitled interview count by one.

Honesty in Communication

  • Truthfulness in all responses related to the job search is crucial. Providing false information may lead to the termination of your package without entitlements.

Networking Strategy Compliance

  • You must follow all prescribed networking strategies. Deviations or failures to comply may forfeit your refund rights and potentially cancel the package.

Cheat Sheet Call

  • You can request a cheat sheet call for advice on excelling in internships and securing full-time positions.

Access to Job Application Reports

  • You have the right to access reports detailing job applications made on your behalf.

Email and LinkedIn Access

  • Access is granted to the email and LinkedIn profile used for job applications.

Application and Outreach Requirements

  • A minimum of 400 job applications per month is guaranteed, with outreach to at least one recruiter per application.

Communication Management

  • PSC manages all job application and recruiter communications, except when specific client information is required.

Notification Obligation

  • Prompt notification to PSC upon receiving calls, interview requests, or job offers is essential. Failure to communicate these developments may lead to package termination without a refund.

Breach of Rules

  • Breaching any two rules within the package period gives PSC the right to terminate the service without a refund.

Your journey to career success is our priority. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines ensures a smooth and effective partnership, maximising your chances of landing your dream job. If you’re ready to take this transformative step with PSC, contact us today to see if you qualify for the JOB Guaranteed Package.

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